The vast majority of metal used at Jill Platner is from recycled metals. Join our effort to offset the environmental impact of mining. Bring or send us your unwanted gold chains, rings and jewelry to exchange for new Jill Platner jewelry.

There are 2 ways you can participate:

1. Bring the unwanted gold jewelry that you would like to recycle to our New York City shop. Our specialized team will carefully weigh and evaluate your gold and email you the test results and the store credit amount within 7 business days.

2. Or click here to request your form and mail it in with you jewelry. Be sure to ship your item fully insured and request a signature confirmation receipt to assure that your shipment has reached its destination. 
Someone from our team will contact you to confirm the receipt of your package, and within 7 business days, email you the gold test results and store credit amount.


We will trade your gold for store credit only and a 6% handling fee will be charged. 
Store credit can be applied to any item of our retail store or website. Please call us at 212- 324-1298 to have your credit applied to your purchase.
Be sure to read our Terms and Conditions and Faq’s below.

If you have further questions and would like to request an application form, please call or email us at 


 You must be 21 years old to conduct business with Jill Platner’s Melt Your Gold program. You must be the sole owner of any property offered to us, and you must be acting on your behalf, and not as the agent or representative of another person. 


Results and store credit will be sent to you only by email, after your property has been received and evaluated. If you reject our offer we will return the goods to you at your cost. Goods will be held until payment is received.
Goods (including but not limited to gem stones) unclaimed within 90 days will be donated to a charity of Jill Platner’s choice and will not be refunded. 
Store credits are valid for 1 year. 
Jill Platner Inc. is not responsible for damage to or loss of your gemstones. We suggest removing any gems before shipping your jewelry.


You will be offered the fair market price for the gold you send to us as described below minus a 6% handling fee. If those goods are returned to you, we will insure the shipment for no more than twice the amount we have offered you, regardless of the value you place upon it, or the value for which you insured it when shipping to us, unless you notify us by email. If you wish to have it insured for more, you will be responsible for the excess cost of shipping and insurance using our carrier.


Offers will be based upon the most recent closing market value of gold as reported by on the day we test your goods (within 7 business days of receipt unless communicated otherwise). If the market has not closed for the day, market value from the previous day will be used. 


The Melt Your Gold FAQs are considered to be part of our terms and conditions.

• Subject to the terms and conditions in this legal notice, which may change at any time without prior notice. All changes will be posted on our website. 
• Subject to all applicable laws. 
• Undertaken at your own risk. 
• JPI shall have no liability of any kind or nature with respect to your jewelry and the valuation of your jewelry except to comply with the guidelines it describes in these terms and conditions regarding the analysis of your jewelry for the purposes of establishing the fair market price of the gold you provide to us.

Please refer to this page frequently to review our current terms and conditions of use.

Q.1: What is a karat?

A.1: Definition: The karat system is used to reveal the amount of pure gold found in an item.

• 24 karat (24K) gold is pure gold.18 karat
• (18K) gold contains 18 parts gold and 6 parts another metal or metals, making it 75% gold.
• 14 karat (14K) gold contains 14 parts gold and 10 parts another metal or metals, making it 58.3% gold.
• 10 karat (10K) gold contains 10 parts gold and 14 parts another metal or metals, making it 41.7% gold. 10k gold is the minimum karat designation that can still be called gold in the US.

Q.2: Will testing damage my jewelry?

A.2: We will lightly scrape a few spots on your pieces. We will not break or cut them.


Q.3: Can I send my silver or brass jewelry?

A.3: We will not pay or recycle other materials. Gold and Platinum are the only 2 metals valid for this program.


Q.4: My jewelry has gem stones on it. Can I exchange them for store credit?

A.4: We will not pay for gem stones. We recommend you to remove them from your piece before sending it to us. If we receive stones, we will remove them from the metal and ship them back to you, upon request, and only if insurance and shipping costs are covered by you. If stones are unclaimed for 90 days, they will be donated to a charity of Jill Platner’s choice and will not be refunded.


Q.5: I don’t know how much my jewelry is worth. How much should I insure it for?

A.5: We suggest you to insure it for the original price paid for your piece or how much you would like to be reimbursed by the shipping carrier in case of package loss.


Q.6: What if my package gets lost?

A.6: Jill Platner Inc. will not be responsible for lost items. We suggest and encourage you to bring your pieces to our retail store in New York City or to fully insure your package and request the carrier of choice a signature delivery confirmation receipt, to assure your package will be safely delivered to us.


Q.7: How will I know when you’ve received my gold/jewelry?

A.7: We will email you a receipt confirmation on the same day we receive your package.


Q.8: When and how do you calculate the offer?

A.8: Typically within 7 business days of receipt of your package, our production team will evaluate the karat of each piece of gold sent to us. We will find out how much your piece is worth based on the percentage of pure gold content and the gold daily market price. A 6% handling and refining fee will be deducted from the total $ amount.


For instance: If we test your 30dwt 18k gold chain today, and it has 22.5dwt of pure gold content (see Q.1 for karat chart) and today’s gold market price is $850 per ounce, your store credit will be of $956.25 – 6% (handling and refining fee) = $898.88.


Q.9: What is a Pennyweight?

A.9: 20 Pennyweight (DWT) equals 1 ounce.


Q.10: When will I receive my store credit?

A.10: Within 7 business days of receipt, we will email you your store credit certificate that will be valid for 1 year to be applied for any item of our retail store and website.


Q.12: Why is my offer much less than what I paid for the item?

A.12: Other costs, aside from gold, are embedded in the price of an item when it is purchased. In this program, we are only and exclusively trading the gold content of your jewelry.


Q.13: What can I do if I am not satisfied with the amount I have been offered?

A.13: If you reject our offer we will return the goods to you upon your request and you will be responsible for return shipping and insurance charges. Goods will be held until payment is received.
Goods unclaimed up to 90 days will be donated to a charity of Jill Platner’s choice and will not be refunded.